The Chronicles of Narcissism
One Bitch (Tarred and Feathered) 2006
Smoking jacket, scarf, tar, coat tree,
68” x 28’ x 24”.

In Twenty Bitches (Tarred and Feathered),
I cut along the contours of the pattern in a twenty paisley smoking jackets, reducing this silky symbol of power to a mass of feathery tatters that borders on disintegration. The work, like Fatigue, 2004 (see Underbush), deconstructs the smoking jacket and the inherent power relationship they represent, and hangs them out to dry.

The Chronicles of Narcissism
Twenty Bitches (Tarred and Feathered) 2006
20 smoking jackets and scarves, coat rack, tar,
68” x 72” x 35”.

The Chronicles of Narcissism
Bitches, 2006
Two-way mirror plexi-glass, plexi-glass, smoking jacket, scarf, aluminum
86” x 30” x32”.