Jane Benson  
Half-Truths at the Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, OH
Song for Sebald
Playland featuring Finding Baghdad
A Place For Infinite Tuning
Extended Play: TeWhenuaCentroChapineroCorona
She's Lost Control
The Splits: Red/ Blue
Duet for Split Toy Piano I (Playing to Himself)
The Splits
Faux Faux
Mirror Globe (Mapping the New World)
The Mews
Rubbing of Me   The Swing   Oroborus
Chronicles of Narcissism   Black Sheep Mobile   Blow

Disco Globe
Mirror Globe
(Map of The World)

Imitation Day
Happy Faux Flora
Vase O’ Faux Flora

Beyond Reason
Monument To Weeds

Waiting Room
Mid-Town Mountain
and Mt. Wall street
Library of Eden